Current Projects

The following represents some of the current projects in healing research using the Bengston Energy Healing Method®

  • "The Biophysics of Cancer Project: Mapping and Duplicating Electromagnetic Signatures of Cancer Therapies." In partnership with the Institute for Therapeutic Discovery, we are attempting to map and duplicate the energetic signatures of human energy in order to develop a safe and effective modality that reproduces the "Bengston healing effect" without the healer.
  • In-vitro studies of healing on cell cultures
  • Placebo Studies
  • The Effect of Millimeter Wave Propagation on Tumor Growth
  • EEG Harmonics (between healer and subject)
  • Banana Mummification (bypassing the normal process of autolysis)

Future Projects

Bill Bengston is most interested in conducting immunological studies on the blood of experimental mice that have been cured of cancer using his healing technique for the purpose of reproducing the healing without the laying on of hands. His data indicates that mice once cured are cured for life, and are immune to further injections of the cancer. Further, transplanting a piece of tumor that is in the process of remitting into a fully infected mouse will cure that mouse. This strongly suggests that there is some immunological process involved with the effect of hands-on healing.

Areas of Possible Future Inquiry:

A. Efficacy of treatment
B. Biological effects
C. Physical effects
D. Characteristics of healing "energy"

  • What is the number of treatments necessary to produce remissions? (A)
  • Does the length of treatments matter (do short treatments produce the same effect as more lengthy treatments)? (A)
  • Does the efficacy of treatment vary with the length of time the mice have had cancer? (A)
  • If the mice are treated before cancer transplant (and only before), will the treatments prevent the cancer from taking hold (i.e. can treatment prevent cancer)? (A&B)
  • Will cured mice give birth to young that themselves are resistant to the same tumor and does that resistance persist in subsequent generations? (B)
  • If the tumor has remitted after treatment, will re-transplantation produce another tumor? (B)
  • Will blood transplanted from a remitted mouse produce remissions in another untreated mouse? (B)
  • Can a vaccine be made from the blood of remitted mice? Will it produce remissions without treatment? (B)
  • If the mice are irradiated before transplantation, will the treatments be effective? (A&B)
  • If the mice are irradiated after transplantation, and in conjunction with treatment, will the treatments be effective? (A&B)
  • Is the rate of remission a function of the number of mice being simultaneously treated? (A&C&D)
  • What are the different effects of treatment on different types of cancers (including transplanted versus naturally occurring)? (B)
  • Can remissions be produced from a distance? Does the rate of remission vary with distance? (A&C&D)
  • What biological changes occur in the animals as the tumor remit? (B)
  • Do multiple healers add to the efficacy of treatment? (A&D)
  • Can treatment be "stored" in material and then transferred to the animal? What materials work best? (C&D)
  • Can the effect of treatment be "screened" out any materials? (D)
  • Does it make any difference whether the person trained to heal is a "believer"? (A)
  • Is any "energy" detected while healing? (C)
  • Will in vitro cancer cells respond to treatment?

Additional proposed research projects include:

  • Placebo studies
  • Additional EEG studies
  • Continuation of fMRI studies