Notice: There are NO authorized or endorsed workshops or classes in the Bengston Energy Healing MethodTM or Image CyclingTM except those personally taught by Dr. Bengston.

Bengston Energy Healing Method® Training Workshop - Thirty-five years of research and clinical experience show that The Bengston Energy Healing Method® is a powerful energy therapy that can produce remarkable results for both people and animals with cancer as well as helping other physical and emotional problems. This is a two day, experiential workshop.

Advanced Practice Day - In this one-day workshop, you’ll learn to hyper-accelerate your image cycling and practice the Energy Healing Method® with fellow students. Dr. Bengston will lead the group through a variety of exercises in cycling and treatment. There will be anextensive review of clinical case studies of both humans and animals with a wide variety of health issues. Questions are encouraged about the personal and clinical experiences of the attendees. Pre-requisite is completion of the Bengston Energy Healing Method® Training Workshop.

Evening Lecture - A two hour lecture is offered that presents Lessons from the Lab: A selection of “Energy” Healing Experiments, major goals in anomalous healing research, clinical implications and applications and what we know with reasonable certainty, what we don’t understand and what we need to know from Bill’s research on cancer.

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The Energy Cure

In his book, The Energy Cure, Bill Bengston invites you to take a journey with him into the mystery and power of hands-on-healing. Drawing on his 30 years of rigorous research, unbelievable results, and mind-bending questions, Bengston challenges us to totally rethink what we believe about our ability to heal. The Energy Cure is translated into German, Spanish and Romanian. Read more.

With Hands-On Healing: A Training Course in the Energy Cure, he brings you an in-depth training course in the method that produces reliable results in the laboratory—and can trigger profound transformation and healing for those who learn it. Read more.

Clinical Findings

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